We offer fixed price services to meet the needs of customers who wish to keep a lid on the cost of maintenance while ensuring the longevity of their cine lens. Ideal for a periodic ‘health-check’ or before that important shoot. Typical examples include:

Cine lens function test

Full function test including projection. Focus markings calibrated (Back focus check). i/ or LDS data protocol checked. Front and rear elements professionally cleaned.

Pre-purchase inspection

Investing in a set of vintage primes? Found that sought-after zoom for your shooting package? Photosite Optics can provide an impartial assessment on the condition or the suitability of the lenses for your inventory or upcoming project.

Purchase intermediary

Photosite Optics can also act as an intermediary for the sale of cine lenses, combining holding of equipment until released by the seller with carrying out the pre-purchase inspection for the buyer.